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Because of A
 こんなに    した     だって セール だもの 。」 
"You shopped this much?" "It's because of the sale."
 スープ          すごく    だもの   
"You're not having your soup?" "It's because it's really hot."

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AVerb: Casual んだ
Aい-adjective んだ
ANoun なん
Aな-adjective なん
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User notes

1. もの is used in this pattern to express a personal reason or excuse (very informal speech). 
2. Contracted to もん in very colloquial speech.
3. See DBJG pp.257-60, マスターp.74
7 years ago
avatar 火曜 - Level 17
Often used by women and children.
11 years ago
avatar 恵理子 - Level 1

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