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It's OK if A; it doesn't matter if A
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  あとで      ありません   
Afterwards is OK for me.
その        して         
It doesn't matter if you postpone doing those documents.
              ので   よい          
It doesn't matter if it takes time, so please make something of good quality.

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AVerb: て-form
ANoun でも
Aな-adjective でも
Aい-adjective -い くて
Basic Examples:
いってえない (it's ok if (you) go)

でもえない (it doesn't matter if it's tomorrow)

えない (it's ok if it's not clean)

くてえない (it's ok if it's cold)

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Similar meaning as でもいい or でもわない, but implies a more passive granting or permission, or may be a compromise. It is basically more reserved.
8 years ago
Shakey_Jake33 - Level 1

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