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Completely A, exactly A
He is standing right in the middle of the road.
この   まっすぐ    ください  
Please go straight down this street.

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Aま~ な~ word
Basic Examples:
(completely round)

Aか~ さ~ しゃ~ word
Basic Examples:
(completely blue)

Aは~ word
Basic Examples:
(completely (in) two)

Special Cases
With (あお), you get (まっさお)
With (あか), you get (まっか)
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Discussion about this grammar
Years Studied: not enough
Studying: Kanji and vocab: N3, pushing through N1. Grammar's waiting until October-ish.
Level: 162, : 68

I'm just leaving a note because there's no indication of JLPT level for this grammar point.

It's N4 in other resources.


not found in:

A Dictionary of (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced) Japanese Grammar

A Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns for Teachers and Learners

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