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renshuu: your personalized guide through Japanese

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Made just for you

Just getting started with Japanese, or perhaps a kanji master? renshuu learns your knowledge level and adjusts everything to a level that's perfect for you.

Study smart, not a lot

Our mastery schedules, built for Japanese, will tell you what to study, and when. Increase what you learn while you cut down on the time it takes.

Learn while having fun

While you learn, enjoy making digital stamps, a variety of puzzles, and even haiku challenges!

ゲット!Motivation galore!

Get motivated with daily challenges, unlock pages of our original manga series, and collect our mascot's vocabulary coins!

Always new

Enjoy limitless quizzing for vocabulary and kanji - every question is made fresh for you based on your knowledge and Japanese ability.

Made for Japanese

renshuu doesn't boil down Japanese to one-size-fits-all flashcard quizzing. Deepen your understanding with multiple study vectors for vocabulary, grammar, and every part of kanji.