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Learning built around your schedule.
Your level.
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Study smart, not a lot

Our mastery schedules, built for Japanese, will tell you what to study, and when. Increase what you learn while you cut down on the time it takes.

Your own cheer squad

Get motivated with daily challenges, adventure mode, unlocking pages of our original manga series, and collecting our mascot's vocabulary coins!

Grammar galore

We’ve got 4,500+ questions hand-made by native speakers, covering 450+ expressions. From particles to N1 level grammar, we've got you covered.

Learning made for you

Just getting started with Japanese, or perhaps a kanji master? renshuu learns your knowledge level and adjusts everything to a level that's perfect for you.

Always new

Every vocabulary and kanji question is made on the spot. No more time wasted doing the same questions over and over again.

Leave flashcards behind

Type, draw by hand, or assemble answers with our dozens of different question types and quiz modes. Why limit yourself to just flashcard style quizzing?

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