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Hi! My name is Michael (マイコー), and I'm the creator and administrator of renshuu.org. I studied computer science and Japanese in college, which is when I originally created renshuu.org. As a student, I knew there had to be a better way to study certain elements of Japanese than what I saw myself and my peers doing. I got tired of spending time making flashcards. In addition, so many of the SRS sites out there for studying try to handle every language, and therefore are unable to focus on what makes up Japanese. This gave rise to renshuu.org.

I've been studying Japanese for around 16 years. I love teaching, whether it's as a teacher, or helping others study better through renshuu.

In addition to myself, Renshuu has a local artist who handles all the kao-chan (our mascot) work on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. Thanks for using the site; if you ever have any questions, comments, or ideas - please feel free to contact us through the Help menu links.

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