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マスター N2 > 15・もしそうなら・たてえそうでも

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1. If A were the case; Supposing A
としたら is more casual than とすると and とすれば.
その         したら  どれだけ    かかる      
How long would it take if you swim across the river?
1. When it comes to A; if it turns out that A
He looks really happy when he's playing.
1. A can't be done; but if it could; then B
Usually shows the subject's wishes or feelings about what they'd like to do.
      もの なら  ぜひ         
If I could, I'd really want to go see her.
1. Even if A were the case
たとえ その              その       こと        
Even if the performance is good, I still say we drop the project.
1. Even if I were to A (A is not possible or useless/not worth doing)
Even if we were to go to Tokyo, it's not like our relationship will change.
1. Even for A; In the case of A as well
The statement which follows this is often something that exceeds the expectations of A.
あなた  おっしゃる こと            やはり あなた          
Even given what you say, I still think you are to blame.
1. Regardless of if it's A or B
Regardless of which of the given situations are true, the following is true as well.
     できる    できない     この   だれでも       
Whether you understand the lyrics or not, anyone can enjoy this song.
1. Exclude A; Stop/end A; Without A
Do you have any soft drinks?
1. If A, bad/unfortunate result B
   だけ      鹿     ものなら            
If you make fun of her only because of her appearance, you'll have trouble in the future.
1. If you don't A; the condition B will remain the same.
      こと   おいしい  どうか       
I won't know if it's delicious unless I try it.
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