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マスター N2 > 17・~だから()2

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1. Because A, B (negative result)
          した ばかりに     なった  
She became a criminal simply because she kidnapped a baby.
1. Now that A; since A (has been done); so long as A
    A              まで           いけない  
Because I will work at company A starting next month, I have to quit my current job by the end of this month.
1. Because of A, B (is an expected/natural result); Now that A, B
        その            よい  
Because you've come to a foreign country, it's best to study that country's culture.
1. Because of A, B can't be helped/is expected.
B is something that must be done/changed because of event/reason A.
I decided to take the university entrance exam, and so, I have to study hard for it.
1. Shows a typical trait or characteristic of A
あの   のこと          きっと        
Seeing that it's that teacher, the next test will surely be hard as well.
1. Because of A (A is one of multiple reasons)
Since it's late at night (among other reasons), let's go to sleep already.
1. Because of A, (natural results) B
Like the model that she is, she has good style.
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