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1. At least A
Often used to suggest "at least A could/should be done", or "at least A is possible"
  くらい して くれない  
Could you at least clean?
1. Things like A; for example A
I won't want to eat something like this.
1. Until A; up to A; as far as A
The water came up to my waist.
1. Even A
This has the same meaning as Aも, but さえ is stronger than も.
この               ほど     
This question is so easy that even a child can answer it.
1. Not even A B
Used to show that B doesn't happen even for A (one person, one day, etc.)
ここ         あなた      いない  
Not even a single person here doubts you.
1. Even if I have to A, by all means A
Used to show an action A that one normally wouldn't take, but will do so for the following goal.
No matter what it takes, I want to lose weight by the summer.
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