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1. Really A; truly A
Often used in presenting a reason, justification, or excuse.
It'll be really nice to have dinner together.
1. Shows an especially strong conviction A of the speaker
               いう もの   
It's normally too much to finish a book in one day.
1. Only A; No more than A
A describes something in terms of an amount, degree, or significance
I can only read hiragana.
1. Only A
This usually follows as the only reason/cause for something happening.
He found the winning ticket with nothing but luck.
1. It's better if A; it's better if it's A
States a preferable alternative; it can be followed by a less preferable (but still OK) option.
A typhoon is coming soon, so it's better to pass the time at home.
1. There's only A; Only A can be done; Only A (of many methods)
I was deceived by her, so there is nothing to do but go our separate ways.
1. Should do A; Must do A
             ある べき   
Elementary school teachers should be kind and energetic.
1. Should not do A; Must not do A
You shouldn't smoke in front of children.
1. There are no other methods except for A
その                            ない  
I don't understand the workings of this machine, so I guess I'm stuck with asking the engineer for help.
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