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1. Want to A
This is a stronger expression of want/desire than ~たい.
いつか イギリス          
I'd like to visit England some day.
1. Shows a situation/condition A that draws strong feelings/emotions
The emotional connection does not need to be the speaker, but can be a person/group referred to in the sentence.
     できない           ある  
Living in a country where you don't understand the language is a difficult thing.
1. How A; so A; how much A!
An exclamatory statement at the end of a sentence, often shows a sense of 'wow', 'surprise', or 'being upset' at A
        なんて   ことか  
How very good her speech is!
1. Can't A be done?
Isn't there a way to quickly get rid of a cold?
1. How A. (states a somewhat strong feeling)
Limited to feelings such as surprise, amazement, sarcasm, or other strong emotions.
How wonderful it is to pass (e.g. a test)
1. Would love for A to (not) happen
Shows a strong wish/desire for A to occur. Negative form of verb denotes wishing that something doesn't happen
I would really like for you to always pay attention to your personal appearance.
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