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マスター N2 > Extra
Additional grammar points introduced out of the 26 lessons.
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1. At the time/place/state A
The place/location A does not need to be a physical location.
その      における         
That poet searches for the beauty in life.
1. Before A occurs/takes place
Just before the movie started, the leading actor formally introduced it.
1. If you think about/consider A
     からいって  たくさん      だろう  
If you think about her popularity, a lot of people will probably come.
1. Considering A...; Thinking about A...
A is used as a basis/reasoning for a judgement/statement.
あの      からすると      した みたい   
Judging from the behavior of those two, they probably fought some time ago.
1. Do A (command)
Usually used in written form (ex: set of rules, on a chalkboard).
きちんと      する こと  
Attend classes regularly.
1. Presents information A; A is heard (and repeated in this sentence)
Can be used when A is confirming something that was said more clearly.
 によれば    クラブ                いう こと です  
According to the rumors, it looks like that there are a lot of first year students joining clubs this year.
1. Although A is true, C
A and B are the same adjective
この   いい こと  いい        
This car has it's nice parts, but it's gas mileage is bad.
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