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1. Do B as/like A
Explains the way in which something is done. (i.e. かれるままに: Do as is written)
   いい から             
All day is fine, so please spend it as you'd like.
1. A or B
 あるいは         つもり  んです  
I intend to build a house either this year or next.
1. Not necessarily A; not always A
You don't always have to eat foods you don't like.
1. Whether or not to A
Both A and B are the same verbs
I'm thinking about whether or not to go on a trip in the summer.
1. It is hard to do A; A is not easily done/accomplished
It's hard for me to speak about my real feelings.
1. Not only A, but also B
この      だけ ではなく  ひいては       なる  
This is not only a problem for us, but also a problem for the region.
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