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Genki II (2nd Edition) > Chapter 14
Grammar found in Chapter 14. #genki2
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1. I want A
When I was a child, I wanted a horse
1. Give B to A (A is a third party, not yourself)
あなた   だれでも      この    あげて  いい  
You may give this picture to whoever wants it.
1. A gives C to B (B is you, your friends, your family, etc.)
       チャンス  くれ  
Come on! Give me a chance.
1. A receives C from B: the giver is of the same/lower rank of the recipient.
ばあちゃん          もらった  
I got some false teeth that were left by my grandmother as a memento.
1. How about A; why don't you A
その      したら どう だい  
Why don't you apply for that job?
1. As many/much as A
My grandfather has four dogs.
1. Only A; no more than A
すみません         しか       んです けど  
Sorry, I only have a Japanese (-language) business card.
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