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Genki II (2nd Edition) > Chapter 17
Grammar found in Chapter 17.
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1. A is spoken by/heard from someone/something else
Did you hear? (I heard) The Red Sox won yesterday!
1. Used to quote sentence A
This is a casual form of とう/といました.
I heard that Dad's health is all better.
1. If A
        だけ    もらって            
If it was me, I would accept just the meal then hurry on home afterwards.
1. Don't have to A
There's no need to be that tense.
1. Before A (occurs/happens), B
              して ください  
Please stretch before you begin to work out.
1. After doing A
        そこ  ある        
After you grill the meat, please mix it over there with the noodles.
1. Like A; Seems A; Appears to be A
Used for information directly seen/heard/etc. by the speaker
She's good at singing, like a (professional) singer.
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