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Genki II (2nd Edition) > Chapter 19
Grammar used in Chapter 19.
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1. Thank you for doing A
               くれて ありがとう  
Thank you for coming to my birthday party today.
1. I'm glad that A was the case/happened
A is an action that was performed in the past. "Glad that A didn't happen" can be done with negative て form.
I'm glad the luggage arrived without a problem.
1. It should be A; it ought to be A
   宿          はず   
She ought to have finished her homework.
Respectful verbs
1. Respectful form of A
There are several words which do not use the above conjugations, but have special respectful forms. These are given below:
Regular Form Respectful Form
る/みる になる/ごらんになる
る/しる /ごぞんじ
く/いく いらっしゃる
る/くる いらっしゃる
る/いる いらっしゃる
くれる さる/くださる
う/いう おっしゃる
く/いく おいでになる
く/ゆく おいでになる
る/いる おいでになる
べる/たべる がる/めしあがる
む/のむ がる/めしあがる
る/くる おいでになる
する なさる
Alright, please eat!
1. Please A (formal)
   いす     ください 
Please have a seat.
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