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Genki II (2nd Edition) > Chapter 20
Grammar used in Chapter 20. #genki2
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Humble verbs
1. Humble form of A
   カード       バッグ      
I borrowed my husband's credit card and bought a bag.
Humble verbs
1. Humble form of する verbs
As to the library I'll show you (there).
1. Do B without doing A
Emphasizes that A is not done, as if it might be done in other circumstances
Today I did my work without sleeping (at all).
1. Whether or not A
あの            どう          
Even if I look at that child's face, I don't know if the child is a boy or not.
1. A is a question within the sentence
この パーティー  いつ               
Let's try asking a friend when this party is.
1. A is easy to do
For Japanese people, it's always easier to use chopsticks when they eat.
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