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1. In the middle of A
I fell asleep in the middle of a boring lesson.
1. While A is the case, B; While A is occurring, B
This implies that it would be a good idea if B is done while A is still true, otherwise it might be troublesome afterward.
Eat your soup while it is hot.
1. Change A continues; A does not stop
So long as your mental stress increases, your physical problems will continue to increase, as well.
1. Shows a continual/continuing negative change A
このまま              ばかり   
As it is, our way of living will keep getting difficult.
1. Shows change/movement A is about to start/end
Used in referring to changes A that aren't based on will/decision of a person (movement of a train, change in seasons, etc.)
Mom is about to go to sleep.
1. In the middle of A; in the process of A
A is a change of some sort that is taking place.
The use of electronic computers is growing rapidly.
1. While A, B; Although A (is being done), B
Although I feel it's bad/wrong, I overslept again today.
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