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Genki I > Chapter 10
Grammar found in Chapter 10.
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1. A is more C than B
I think my wife is more scared than me.
1. B is more C than A
この    より その バイク        
That motorbike is cooler than this bicycle.
1. The A one
Used to abbreviate after a noun has already been mentioned. The の directly replaces the noun.
For my new shoes, I plan on buying inexpensive ones.
1. Plan to A; be going to A; intend to do A
  する つもり です     こと     ください  
What are you going to do? Please don't do anything weird!
1. To become A
When she drinks too much alcohol, her face turns completely red.
1. Do B by using the object A; Do B by means of A
I think i will go to Kyoto by car.
1. Doesn't/didn't A anywhere
A is usually a verb that shows movement.
そんなに おいしい   どこにもない  
Such a sweet thing/deal doesn't exist anywhere.
1. Doesn't/didn't A at all
If you stay silent nothing will change.
1. No one A
   だれも    こと  ない   ある  
There's a room in the school that no one's entered (before).
1. Out of the group A, B is the most C
My older brother's grades are excellent: he's at the top of his school year.
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