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1. Although A; despite A; even though A; in spite of A
  その    にもかかわらず     ところ  ない    
Even though my older sister is beautiful, she doesn't put on any airs.
1. Although A...
           つもり        まだ            
Even though I'm going to take the JLPT, I still haven't started studying.
ながら (も)
1. Although A, B
Even though he complains he's been working at that company since forever.
1. While A, B; Although A (is being done), B
Although I feel it's bad/wrong, I overslept again today.
1. Although A is the case, B
B adds a restriction to A, suggesting that A is not to the extent that the listener would think.
Although I traveled, it was no farther than to the neighboring towns.
1. With only A, it is not enough, so B
100       からと              わけじゃない  
Even though you studied for 100 hours, there's no guarantee that you'll pass the exam.
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