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1. A or B
Shows a pair of choices between two objects, descriptions, or actions.
I want to travel to Kyoto or Osaka.
1. A and B (shows a non-exhaustive list of items)
Implies that there are more in the list than are given in the sentence.
      ピーマン  にんじん      
Many children hate green peppers and carrots.
1. From A until B
  ピアノ コンクール    から   まで       
Today's piano contest will be held from 9:00 until 3:00.
1. A non-exact amount A; Around/about A
When used with question pronouns, means "around how much/many/etc".
  くらい  カップラーメン  できる   
You can make cup ramen in about three minutes.
1. Only A、Just A
この        だけ いる  
This kind of dog exists only in Japan.
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