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Nihongo So-Matome N5 (まとめ) >  3~4

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1. To become A
When she drinks too much alcohol, her face turns completely red.
1. To make A; To change into A.
This displays the changing of the state or condition of something. The change is done by the subject.
その       鹿     
The boy makes a fool of adults.
1. At the time A
その  パレード           
There was a parade going by at the time.
1. Before A (occurs/happens), B
        ストレッチ  して ください  
Please stretch before you begin to work out.
1. After A
I took a bath after I finished eating breakfast.
1. Go (somewhere) in order to A
          ので よく               
There are hardly any stores in my town, so I often go to Tokyo to shop.
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