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Nihongo So-Matome N5 (まとめ) >  5~6

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1. A is C-er than B; A is more C than B (comparison).
ピカチュー  あなた より   いい みたい  なぁ  
It seems like Pikachu is smarter than you.
1. B is more C than A
この    より その バイク        
That motorbike is cooler than this bicycle.
1. A is more C than B
I think my wife is more scared than me.
1. A is the most B
Similar to the superlative (most, ...est) in English.
    ビール    おいしいです  
After a job, beer is the most delicious.
1. Do things like A and B; states/conditions like A and B
あの   すぐ          する  
That child is quick to anger, and to tears.
1. Changes A into a noun
It was fun listening to my little sister's song.
1. Be able to A; can do A
あなた  おかげで         こと  できました  
Thanks to your help, I was able to finish early.
1. Can A; be able to A (ability of the subject)
この        もう      
I can't solve this riddle. I give up!
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