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1. As A; From the standpoint of A
   調 として       
This picture was drawn with blue as the base color.
1. For A; even though A; considering A
The statement which follows this is a change/unexpected considering what is normal for A
  にしては とても         
Passing the time (e.g. in this weather, etc.) is really easy, considering it's August.
1. Even for A; In the case of A as well
The statement which follows this is often something that exceeds the expectations of A.
あなた  おっしゃる こと     にして     やはり あなた          
Even given what you say, I still think you are to blame.
1. If A were the case; Supposing A
としたら is more casual than とすると and とすれば.
その         したら  どれだけ    かかる だろう   
How long would it take if you swim across the river?
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