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1. Plan to A; be going to A; intend to do A
  する つもり です     こと     ください  
What are you going to do? Please don't do anything weird!
1. Supposed to be A; intended to be A; assumed to be A
Used when something is expected/assumed/intended to be A (but in reality is different)
これ  ほんの    つもり だった  
It was meant as merely a joke.
1. It should be A; it ought to be A
   宿          はず   
She ought to have finished her homework.
1. Cannot be A; should not be A (when describing a situation, not the actions of the subject)
  それ    はずがない  
He cannot have seen it.
1. Should do A; Must do A
             ある べき   
Elementary school teachers should be kind and energetic.
1. Should not do A; Must not do A
     タバコ    べき ではありません  
You shouldn't smoke in front of children.
1. Shows past habit or action A that was done often
This usage emphasizes a nostalgic feeling about the action A
  この    でも          ものだ  
In the old days kids used to even play in this vacant land.
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