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1. In the way A; The same as A, B; As described by A, B
Shows that B follows along the prediction/thought/plan A.
        あった      いつも    
There was a test in class yesterday, but today it's business as usual.
1. The situation A remains unchanged
Unlike まだ, carries the meaning that the situation A was left that way by someone. Often used in a (Leaving A as is, I do something else.)
あなた  その こと      まま  して        
It would be better if that remains unsaid.
1. To keep A; To remain/stay A
Shows a condition/action A that continues or doesn't change.
The door remained closed all day.
1. Only A (small number of something)
Can also refer to a single time (only now, only once, etc.)
We did our best, just the two of us.
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