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1. Because of A, (positive result) B; Thanks to A, B
         おかげで すごく        
Because I eat monkey meat everyday, I can jump amazingly high.
1. Because of A, B
A is marked as the blame or cause of something happening.
     した せい         ならなかった  
We had to break up, because she deceived me.
1. Not A, but B; B in place of A
This shows replacement where B is doing something in place of A (where A is normal).
I'll make dinner instead of Mom, who's in the hospital.
1. Instead of A, B; In exchange for A, B
Shows compensation or balance in the exchange between A and B.
    ので             テレビゲーム  やりました  
Since I caught a cold yesterday, I played video games by myself instead of doing work.
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