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1. So A; to the extent A
Shows the extent or degree of something (which usually precedes this expression)
あなた             くらい   
I cannot thank you enough.
1. So much B that it's like A
The extent/degree of B is so high that it seems like A.
They eat so much seafood that it's like they're an islander.
1. The more A, B
    こと    ほど    なります  
The more I think of him the happier I get.
1. The more A, C
    しゃべれば しゃべる ほど    なる  
The more you speak a foreign language the better you will become.
1. There is nothing as B as A; There is nothing more B than A
         くらい   こと  ありません  
For me, there's nothing as scary as flying on a plane.
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