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1. Just finished/completed A
10   パン          
The bread will be finished at 10 o'clock
1. Can't finish/complete A
This refers to an action A that has an amount/duration attached to it, such as eating, running, writing, etc. Because of this, the "can't finish/complete" refers to the amount/duration being too many/much.
この   50          
This room is too small to contain 50 men.
1. In the middle of A...
ちょうど よかった   メール     ところ だった  です  
Perfect timing. I was just in the middle of writing an e-mail.
1. B in the middle of A; half-A B
A is an unfinished action being done on the object B.
Finish eating your school lunch!
1. Just after A (has been done)
     コーヒー  いかがです   
How about some freshly made coffee?
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