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1. Although A is given/obvious, B (also)
   CD プレーヤー     iPod        です  
He doesn't even have a CD player, so naturally he doesn't have an iPod.
1. Whether or not A, B (is true)
A is bad/negative, but it is not considered or thought about in favor of B.
あの プレゼント       ともかく       はず        
Nevermind the wrapping paper, you should like the contents of the present.
1. A is acceptable; A would be better/worse
ランチ  1000  なら まだしも 3000     でしょう  
1000 yen for lunch would be OK, but 3000 yen is pricey.
1. Exclude A; Stop/end A; Without A
アルコール      あります   
Do you have any soft drinks?
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