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1. In the way A; The same as A, B; As described by A, B
Shows that B follows along the prediction/thought/plan A.
        あった けど    いつも    
There was a test in class yesterday, but today it's business as usual.
1. Do B as/like A
Explains the way in which something is done. (i.e. かれるままに: Do as is written)
   いい から             
All day is fine, so please spend it as you'd like.
1. Precedes the reason/cause B for the (strong) feelings/emotions A
The term that precedes こと に is either an emotion, feeling (such as しい, or い), or a resultant state (such as る).
To her delight, she passed the exam.
1. Too A; Too much A; Overwhelming A
Describes a very high/large level of A, and is usually used as a reason for the second half of the sentence.
I was so tired that I couldn't take a single step.
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