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1. At A; in A
Shows the location A that an action/event takes place.
I met a dear friend of mine at a supermarket nearby.
1. From A, Since A
Marks the source (time or place) A where an action began.
It's been snowing since yesterday.
1. Every period of time A, B; Per A, B
B is often of the form , , etc.; during the period A, something happens B times.
I go to the beach once a month.
1. (not) Even A
The negative form is made when the pattern is followed by a negative verb.
Everyone was surprised because Takada is good at not just singing but drawing as well.
1. A of B each ..
Shows that A (a number) of B should be done/taken/eaten each person/time
  1  ずつ プリント    します  
I will pass out one handout to each person.
1. A is not as C as B
The moon is not as bright as the sun.
Relative clauses
1. The B that A
Similar to this construction in English: 'The boy who ate pizza.' or 'The book that he bought.'
The sushi I ate yesterday was the best.
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