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1. Please do A (polite)
Would you please lock the door?
1. Will/Could/Can you A (for me)
Used to ask someone if they could do A for you.
いつか    もらえませんか  
Could I have you show (teach) me sometime?
1. I want (person, thing) A to B (action)
Used to describe what you want someone else to do.
I want you to take this paper to her right away.
1. How about A; why don't you A
その      したら どう    
Why don't you apply for that job?
1. A, but/however B
Used to show a contradiction or opposite.
It is sunny now, but it seems like it will be rainy tomorrow.
1. A, however/but B
     どうして    こと      
But, why would would you say such a thing so suddenly?
1. I'd like you to A (for me)
いただきたい is more formal than もらいたい
I'd like to have you give a few words, can I ask you to do that?
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