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1. Without A, B (can't be done, wouldn't be, etc.)
Suggests a conditional that without A, B wouldn't exist/be possible.
   なくしては           こと  できなかった ろう  
Without his strength, we probably would not have even won a single game.
1. Without A; without doing A
Often followed by an action/condition that isn't possible without A.
これから       やって       ならない    
From now on I have to do things without her.
ともなく, ともなしに
1. To do A mindlessly; without paying much attention to A
Used to show action A that is not being done with a forceful sense of purpose or direction.
Talking to my mother without thinking too much about it, I began to cry (tears started to come out).
1. Although A, (unfortunate result) B
Marks a complaint by the speaker (often because they thought A should have been done but wasn't)
Although it would be good to have a doctor look at him, Dad is saying that the vertigo will go away if he rests.
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