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1. While A is the case, B; While A is occurring, B
This implies that it would be a good idea if B is done while A is still true, otherwise it might be troublesome afterward.
スープ            ください  
Eat your soup while it is hot.
1. During A
The phrase that follows is a continuous action that continues during the period/action A. This differs from に (show below), which shows a single, instantaneous action that occurs before the time frame ends.
My brother was watching TV while I was cooking dinner.
1. During A (before A is finished/over)
The phrase that follows に is a single action that occurs during A; specifically, before A finishes. This differs from (show above), which shows a continuous action that occurs during the entirety of the action A.
The student ran away sometime while the principal was talking.
1. Until A is done, B doesn't occur/can't be done.
サイト       して から  ない         
You cannot enter the site until after you agree to the conditions.
1. About to A
しおり さん      ところ  から よく       
Shiori is about to present, so listen well.
1. Be now A...ing (be in the middle of doing A)
                    もらっている ところ であった  
He was being taught English by his brother when we called on him.
1. Just finished A; Have been A...ing
あなた  ボーイフレンド              ところ   
Your boyfriend got tired of waiting for you and left just now.
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