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1. In response to (topic) A; in regards to A; considering A; in contrast to A
It's rude to speak to your teachers that way.
1. A, on the other hand B
A and B are contrasts; they cannot be both positive or both negative.
She always looks energetic at work, but at the work parties she is quiet.
1. On one hand A, on the other, B; Although A, at the same time, B
その    おいしい              かかります  
Although that food is delicious, it takes a pretty long time to make.
1. Rather than A
This is usually followed by a statement that is considered better or more accurate than A.
             よくない               せい   
My little brother failed the exam yesterday. Rather than saying that he is not smart, it is because he did not study at all.
1. Instead of A, B; In exchange for A, B
Shows compensation or balance in the exchange between A and B.
                    TV     やりました  
Since I caught a cold yesterday, I played video games by myself instead of doing work.
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