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1. Because of A; due to A
The closing of school was due to the snow.
1. In accordance with A; depending on A; based on A; due/because to A
この          によって   された  
This city was ruined by the brutal force of nature.
1. By the means/method A; by A
この         によって         
This plastic is not damaged by fire.
1. Because A
       ベンチャービジネス       すごい          
He must be super rich because he runs a successful venture business company.
1. Displays reason A for effect B
This is commonly used to give a reason as to why someone is called something (~ばれている).
           こと から            する       
Due to the excess supply of crude oil, it is thought that the price of gasoline will drop.
1. Because of A, (positive result) B; Thanks to A, B
         おかげで すごく        
Because I eat monkey meat everyday, I can jump amazingly high.
1. Because of A, B
A is marked as the blame or cause of something happening.
        せい         ならなかった  
We had to break up, because she deceived me.
1. Because of A
A is being presented very strongly.
      ある もの だから         できない  
I have travel plans; therefore, I can't attend next week's meeting.
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