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1. Presents information A; A is heard (and repeated in this sentence)
Can be used when A is confirming something that was said more clearly.
 によれば    クラブ                いう こと です  
According to the rumors, it looks like that there are a lot of first year students joining clubs this year.
1. Presents information/results A
  あなた  よろしく   こと です  
My brother sends you his regards.
1. I heard A; it seems that A
Used when it's not 100% whether or not A is true
      では リス  いる    
Seems that there are squirrels in the northern area of Japan.
1. Used to quote sentence A
This is a casual form of とう/といました.
        もう    だって  
I heard that Dad's health is all better.
1. It's said that A (hearsay, rumor, report, or legend)
 この       いた という  
It's said that there was a kappa (mythical creature) in this pond long ago.
1. It is said by many that A
あれ    から              
It's said by many that that mountain has been sacred from long ago.
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