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1. Do A (command)
This is extremely strong and is usually considered rude or insulting.
     そして  さっさと       
Hurry up, eat, then quickly head off to school!
1. Don't A
Don't run here.
1. Do A (command)
Usually used in written form (ex: set of rules, on a chalkboard).
きちんと      する こと  
Attend classes regularly.
1. Should do A; Must do A
             ある べき   
Elementary school teachers should be kind and energetic.
1. Should not do A; Must not do A
     タバコ    べき ではありません  
You shouldn't smoke in front of children.
1. How about A; why don't you A
その      したら どう だい  
Why don't you apply for that job?
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