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マスター N3 > A いろいろなきおする

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1. A (often a reason/cause) is very strongly emphasized.
This can be used to strongly mark a reason or cause and suggest that other reasons/causes are not as important/valid as this one.
That's why I told you not to go by car.
1. Even A
Shows an extent/extreme to which something is true.
     それ  できる  
Even a child can do it.
1. Nothing/no one/nobody (A)
A is the question term such as nothing, no one, nowhere, etc (だれ+も = no one, なに+も = nothing). This is followed by a negative statement B that links to A
I (they) returned safely without incident.
1. (not) Even A
The negative form is made when the pattern is followed by a negative verb.
Everyone was surprised because Takada is good at not just singing but drawing as well.
1. Even A
This has the same meaning as Aも, but さえ is stronger than も.
この               ほど     
This question is so easy that even a child can answer it.
1. Even A
Shows an extent/range outside of what is considered normal.
He's even good at sports.
1. At least A
Often used to suggest "at least A could/should be done", or "at least A is possible"
  くらい して くれない  
Could you at least clean?
1. So A; to the extent A
Shows the extent or degree of something (which usually precedes this expression)
あなた             くらい   
I cannot thank you enough.
1. Things like A; for example A
I won't want to eat something like this.
1. Used to emphasize negative B
B can be things such as a negative adjective (きらい), or a verb (できない、いらない, etc).
I don't like clothes like this.
1. Only A、Just A
この        だけ いる  
This kind of dog exists only in Japan.
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