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マスター N3 > C 「こと・の」の使

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1. There is a (small) possibility of A. A is not impossible.
The condition/potential represented by A is very rare, but does occur sometimes.
   16         できない こと  ない          でしょう  
It's not that you can't work 16 hours in a single day, but it's not exactly easy, right?
1. Although A is true, C
A and B are the same adjective
この   いい こと  いい        
This car has it's nice parts, but it's gas mileage is bad.
1. Do A (command)
Usually used in written form (ex: set of rules, on a chalkboard).
きちんと      する こと  
Attend classes regularly.
1. Decide to A
あの   あまり       ので     こと  する  
I'm not going to talk to that person because I don't like him.
1. To make a rule/habit of A
The progressive form shows an ongoing decision/rule the subject has made (for him/herself).
        こと  している  
I make it a rule to get up at six.
1. To be decided that A; A is decided (by someone else)
Used to show when something is decided by another party, not the speaker.
      パーティー  21       こと  なりました  
It was decided at the meeting yesterday to have the party on the 21st.
1. Shows a natural/logical conclusion A
                こと  なる  
If you walk ten more minutes, you will have exercised an hour today.
1. Displays rule; decision; or plan A
この   から        ことになっている  
You are not to leave this building.
1. There are times when A (occurs/exists)
その      とても よい      する こと  ある  
Those two get along very well, but there are times when they have big fights.
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