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マスター N3 > G「する・なる」の

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1. To make A; To change into A.
This displays the changing of the state or condition of something. The change is done by the subject.
その       鹿     
The boy makes a fool of adults.
1. To choose A (when ordering/choosing)
コーヒー  どんな   しましょう     ブラック  いい です   
How do you like your coffee? Strong and black?
1. Try to A; make sure to A
ねぇ  なるべく     ように する から               
Hey, I'm going to try and get home as soon as possible, so don't eat and wait for me.
1. To become A
When she drinks too much alcohol, her face turns completely red.
1. To decide that A; A is decided
Used to show when something is decided by another party, not the speaker.
      パーティー  21       こと  なりました  
It was decided at the meeting yesterday to have the party on the 21st.
1. Shows a natural/logical conclusion A
If you walk ten more minutes, you will have exercised an hour today.
1. Come to A (transition over time)
         ように なって  うれしかった  
I was delighted to have learned how to write kanji skillfully.
1. Come to be unable to A
       できなく なる  
You are very trying to me sometimes.
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