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1. In the middle of A...
ちょうど よかった          ところ        
Perfect timing. I was just in the middle of writing an e-mail.
1. B in the middle of A; half-A B
A is an unfinished action being done on the object B.
Finish eating your school lunch! (which you're partway through)
1. To do A completely/exhaustively/to the end
  バイト     使     ようだ  
It seems like he's already used up the earnings from his part-time job.
1. A (suddenly) begins
Yesterday it started to rain after class finished.
1. A is easy to do
    いつでも      たべやすいです  
For Japanese people, it's always easier to use chopsticks when they eat.
1. A is hard/difficult to do
あなた       にくい  
Your question is hard to answer.
1. Hard/difficult to A
Shows an undesirable quality that's hard/taxing on the subject
What a hard to read sentence.
1. A is done too much
Yesterday I ate too much so my stomach hurt.
1. Too much A; A is excessive
この カレー   すぎて        
This curry is too spicy; I can't eat it!
1. A tends to become/happen/occur.
あの         からというもの  いつも   がち   
That kid has been a crybaby ever since the kitten died.
1. Just like A; typical of A
   こと         こと       まさに       
It is just like her to think of others before thinking of herself.
1. Seems A; A-ish
  いつも          している              
My little sister is always playing soccer with boys, so she seems a little boyish.
1. It seems/looks like A
He looks a bit tired.
1. Like A; Seems A; Appears to be A
Used for information directly seen/heard/etc. by the speaker
She's good at singing, like a (professional) singer.
1. Lots/tons of A (negative situation)
Don't touch me with your soapy hands.
1. Continue to A, do A until the end
Can only be used for actions by people
He stuck to his intentions until the end.
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