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1. From A through B
        から   かけて            
The tremors from yesterday's earthquake could be felt from Hokkaido to Miyagi.
1. As a B (label), A (subject)
B describes how A is functioning/being used/being seen.
To have had chocolate as a meal is seriously bad for your body.
1. Although A is given/obvious, B (also)
   CD          iPod           
He doesn't even have a CD player, so naturally he doesn't have an iPod.
1. There is nothing as B as A.
あの    ほど         いない  
There is not an animal that can fly as high as that blue bird.
1. The more A, C
    しゃべれば しゃべる ほど    なる  
The more you speak a foreign language the better you will become.
1. If only A occurs, then B
A is the only action/issue that needs to occur for B to be true/occur.
         この      できる     
You should be able to understand this problem if you only think for 10 seconds.
1. If only A/B, then C
B is the last remaining condition for A before C becomes true/possible.
       あれば この                 
If I only had 500 more yen, I could buy this zombie costume.
1. Although A is true, C
A and B are the same adjective
この   いい こと  いい        
This car has it's nice parts, but it's gas mileage is bad.
1. A is B and C is D; neither A is B nor C is D
Used to show two conditions are either both true or both false
If I go, the kids will go together as well.
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