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1. At A; in A
Shows the location A that an action/event takes place.
I met a dear friend of mine at a supermarket nearby.
1. Do B by using the object A; Do B by means of A
I think i will go to Kyoto by car.
1. For A; in A (shows a length or amount of time)
この       んで     
Please read this book in three days.
1. Because of A; Due to A
Sorry, the train was late because of the snow.
1. In A; on A; at A
Used when describing the existence/presence of something.
There is a cute cat in my room.
1. At A (time)
This can be used with an actual time (xx:yy), day, month, etc.
     から    です  
The change is for the meeting to start from five.
1. Shows the target/recipient A of the action
He made breakfast for her.
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