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1. Seems like A; Seems as if A (will occur soon)
She went nearly mad with grief after the child died.
1. As if A (was true); Giving the impression of A
Her voice was on edge as if I was in the wrong.
ともなく, ともなしに
1. To do A mindlessly; without paying much attention to A
Used to show action A that is not being done with a forceful sense of purpose or direction.
Talking to my mother without thinking too much about it, I began to cry (tears started to come out).
ながらに, ながらの, ながらにして
1. Since A (point in time)
    くるみ        この             
Putting walnuts in the zoni is a custom in this town from a long time ago.
1. There is a tendency to do A (bad/undesirable thing)
あの    すぐに            
Those two have a tendency to immediately fly into a rage.
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