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1. Just when A; Just condition A (at condition A)
Sorry for bothering you during your time off.
1. Although A, (unfortunate result) B
Marks a complaint by the speaker (often because they thought A should have been done but wasn't)
Although it would be good to have a doctor look at him, Dad is saying that the vertigo will go away if he rests.
1. Even though A; although it is said that A
         とはいえ  その         
Even though she isn't a professional, she's got skills that'll shame a pro.
1. Even if A; even though A
 といえど      いけない  
Although they may be an amateur, you mustn't look down on them.
1. Even though A (was thought/expected), different result B
Even though I thought she'd return home, she sat down next to me.
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