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1. If A (strong emphasis)
        とあれば どんな こと でも する だろう  
She'll do anything if it'll make the upperclassmen happy.
1. Once A occurs, B happens (a continual result)
Right after we found it, the pearl is taken away.
1. Without A; without doing A
Often followed by an action/condition that isn't possible without A.
これから        って       ならない    
From now on I have to do things without her.
1. I would prefer (doing) B over A
A is often a negative/undesirable action/result such that the subject would rather do B.
I'd prefer having weeds before eating natto.
1. If (negative situation) A, B
B is also a negative expected result due to A
          よう では          
If you cannot wake up by yourself in the morning, I'd be worried.
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