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1. To keep A; To remain/stay A
Shows a condition/action A that continues or doesn't change.
ドア        っぱなし だった  
The door remained closed all day.
1. Denotes negative results A
      どころか       していない          
He's reduced to not saying anything by himself, let alone being shy.
1. As for A; when it comes to the example A
Shows an extreme example A. Has a negative connotation.
  ここ にいたって              
As for this here, he said that he was innocent.
1. Shows an extreme situation A
Followed by a change/realization that (finally) occurs because of A. Words like やっと and ようやく often follow A.
    する      ようやく    しすぎ        
When I had a stress fracture, I finally understood that I was practicing too much.
1. Despite an extreme situation A
Followed by change/result that has not happened despite A occurring. Words like まだ often follow.
    3          そうもない  
Even at the end of the fiscal year in March, it looks unlikely that (e.g. work) will be finished.
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