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Food > Restaurant Phrases - #1 - Getting seated
Common phrases you can use/will hear when at a restaurant. Part 1 - getting to the table!
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Do you have a reservation?
How many people (in your party)?
Do you have a table with tatami mats?
This is better if you prefer to sit without chairs, or would prefer to lay down after a few drinks.
Is this to-go?
Extremely common at fast-food restaurants or a place with a lot of to-go orders.
はい      です  
Yes, to-go.
いいえ  ここ       
No, I'll be eating here.
カウンター でもいい です  
I'm fine with a counter seat.
At times, only counter seats (facing the kitchen) are available. Maybe better than waiting for a table?
キッズルーム  あります   
Is there a kids' room/space?
Some restaurants will have an area more amenable to small children (usually tatami mats).
Two adults and one child.
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