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Forums - February/March 2020 - Free renshuu pro!

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To celebrate the addition of our sentence quizzing area, we're doing what we did with the vocabulary images and giving out renshuu pro to anyone that makes public sentence lists! Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to Learn > Study Center
  2. Click the New Lesson button, then choose Sentences
  3. Make a list (8 sentences or more to be eligible for this promotion), and make sure you don't make it private!
  4. IMPORTANT - Once you're done, view the list. Each sentence will have a blue button below it. Click that to power up your sentence by binding it to the site's dictionary!

So, what do you get?

1. 5 days of pro for each list you make! (up to 2 months)

2. Get renshuu's Kao-chan artist and native speaker to add pronunciation files to your sentences!

This promotion runs through the end of March. The end date may be adjusted based on participation levels.

What makes a good list?

1. Favorite lines from songs/movies/books

2. Dialogues from daily situations (visit to doctor, trip to the gym, etc.)

3. Thematically linked sentences (ex. interview questions, commands from teachers, etc.)

4. Grammar sentence collections

Feel free to post links to your lists here!

* Lists may not be counted towards the free renshuu pro if we determine they are of low quality. Pronunciation files will not be added to sentences with inappropriate content.

Example list


1 year ago (Edited 1 year ago.)
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Top > renshuu.org > Announcements > Archived Announcements


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